• Before Shaving

    We recommend taking a good steaming hot shower first. You'll want to stand in the steam for a little bit and it will allow you get a much closer shave with less irritation.

  • Using Brush and Shave Soap

    Pop open your shave soap tin, pull the wrapper off the soap and fit the soap back in. You'll want to use warm water on the brush and give the soap a splash and lather it up for application. Less water for more foam, more water for a more watery soap.

  • How to shave

    We recommend you start with a brand new blade. Start on either the right or left corner of your neck and then do the other corner. Follow up by shaving the middle of your neck. Finally, shave your face clean or around hair style. Do the neck first to use the sharpest blade on the most sensitive skin to avoid irritation and burn.

Luxury Grooming Goods

Phillip | Pure Badger Hair Brush