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Pros and Cons of Five Types of Razors

Pros and Cons of Five Types of Razors


Straight Razor


  • Classic style

  • Most direct contact with the skin

  • With a strop and proper technique, the blade can be kept sharp and the blade will last a lifetime or more

  • Most cost-effective shaving method in the long run

  • Full blade gives very precise control of your shave


  • Most direct contact with the skin

  • Marginally dangerous compared to other shaving methods


Safety Razor


  • Safer than a straight razor

  • Very cost-effective

  • Double-edged razor blades can be bought at a very cheap price ie; (100 blades for $8)


  • Body of razor is more expensive depending on the brand

  • Head is not flexible


Shavette/Barbershop Razor


  • Combines pros and cons of straight and safety razor

  • As cost-effective as a safety razor due to a replaceable blade

  • As close as a straight/safety shave

  • Precise straight razor precision and control


  • As “dangerous” as a straight razor

  • Body of razor is as expensive as a straight razor


Cartridge Razor


  • Quick shave

  • Flexible head helps prevent cuts


  • Very costly method overtime

  • Causes more irritation to the skin than other shaving methods due to multiple blades

  • Causes in-grown hairs more than other methods

  • Multiple close blades can clog up easily with hair


Disposable Razors


  • Comparatively cost-effective in the short run

  • Always sharp because of its disposable nature


  • Can only be used once or twice

  • Lightweight so more pressure on the skin is required (This may damage the skin)

  • Cheaply made


We hope this simple walkthrough gives you insight into razors and helps guide your purchase decisions. If you need an affordable quality razor, you will be able to find them on our site!