Notoriously Mahogany Shave Soap

Our Notoriously Mahogany Shave Soap is powerful, timeless, and masculine. Paired perfectly with our 772 BC pure badger shaving brush, the Notoriously Mahogany Shave Soap exfoliates and applies Shea butter across your skin for the closest, most comfortable shave. Our Mahogany scented shave soap is a sophisticated fragrance featuring wood notes and subtle undertones of vanilla and cinnamon, leaving you fresher than ever with every shave. (Once your brush is soaked in warm water,  add a little warm water to the top of the soap to soften it. Next, swirl the brush on the soap for 10-15 seconds. Once you have a lather to your liking, you are good to shave!) (Note: If the lather is too thick, add water to thin it up.)

*Currently on two week delay before shipping*